SnapNrack Series 100 and 200 receive updated UL listing


SnapNrack mountingCertification is hugely important for all PV system components as the industry moves into the mainstream. SnapNrack’s 100 and 200 Systems received an updated UL 2703 listing that will further enhance the huge benefit that users of SnapNrack products have been receiving. All items in the SnapNrack price list are now approved for use on UL-compliant installations. The new standard for Series 100 and 200 is that they are designed as UL-listed systems that provide the benefits of an overall reduction in material costs, dramatic reduction in labor and enhancing quality & safety.

In addition to the current benefits this updated listing will further enhance SnapNrack products:


SnapNrack is adding modules to its current bonding certification to provide even more module options that will ensure systems are properly bonded and certified. Check out its latest installation manual for a full list of the modules that will be covered in the certification.

SolarEdge Optimizers are added to its listing and will be bonded into the system when installed with its attachment kits.

Enphase MicroInverters are also added to the listing which will provide the system ground and eliminate the need for a system grounding lug. The Enphase inverters themselves will ground the system.

An enhanced MLPE attachment kit has been designed, tested and certified to work with SolarEdge and Enphase products under SnapNrack’s UL 2703 listing.


To further enhance its Fire Classification, SnapNrack added a low-slope fire certification to our Class A Fire Rating for Type 1 and 2 modules. Now the system certification is not only for steep sloped roofs 9.5 degrees and up but also low slope roofs 9.5 degrees and down.


As a first for SnapNrack, the company completed its first phase of mechanical load testing and certification.

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