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Business Builders Q3 2023 issue

The Q3 2023 issue is the “Business Builders” edition of Solar Builder. We sought advice for solar installers from industry consultants, engineers and tech providers on topics ranging from lead generation, in-house vs. third-party sales, improving profitability and much more. Also: get a sneak peek at RE+ in the RE+ 2023 Preview Section!  


  • Business Builders: Tips for solar business owners to level up their game.
  • Let’s get digital: Long-term success in solar is tied to digital transformation | By Scott Nguyen
  • Communication is the key to seamless solar sales: It can mean the difference between happy, referring customers or bad reviews. | By John Bumgarner
  • Selling in a high interest environment: Selling in a high interest environment | By Adam Gilbert
  • Taking the pain out of solar O&M: Solar systems are not a ‘set it and forget it’ asset| By Dej Knuckey
  • Robots on the rise: More than meets the eye when it comes to solar jobsite automation | By Bradley Kramer

Special section: RE+ 2023 Showcase



Roofs of hazard: Two bombshell reports show major safety issues on a majority of C&I solar rooftop systems | By Chris Crowell

Battery know-how: Three battery system trends to know post-NEM 3.0. | By Chris Crowell

New pollution: The importance of producing PV with minimal VOCs | By Chris Crowell


Survey says… How advances in disparate survey technology impacts solar energy deployment | By Chris Mielke


Targeting apartments using submetering: Submetering offers a viable alternative to traditional solutions | By Chris Sparkes


What solar PV system choices matter most? Understanding the key factors in the performance and cost-effectiveness of renewable energy systems | By Ryan Luther

Plus |

The long haul: Charting the rise of long duration energy storage | By Charles W. Thurston

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