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Q2 2024 Solar Builder magazine cover

In the Q2 2024 issue, Solar Builder steps into the ring to combat community opposition and misinformation. Let us arm you with the tools you need for the solar battlefield. One benefit to highlight is the jobs solar creates, and this issue also delivers a look at building the solar workforce. Take a close look at safety measures during project installation as well as addressing the untrustworthy reputation of solar installers. Plus, what’s behind the rising cost of large-scale solar projects? It’s not what you think. This issue also provides insights into procurement and construction strategies, crafting logistics RFPs, and wireless networking solutions for large-scale solar projects. The digital magazine also has an exclusive look at how Wattmonk’s solar engineering services save installers time and money.

Cover Section

Solar is a battlefield

Large-scale solar projects have seen growing opposition from locals crying NIMBY — or Not In My Back Yard. However, there are some best practices that developers can follow to help circumvent these challenges and generate local support for their initiatives. Take a look at how developers can combat community pushback and misinformation to build long-lasting sola-relationships. | By Bradley Kramer

  • Mind the gap: Building the solar workforce | By Dej Knuckey
  • Can’t blame the IRA: Rising large project costs | By Dej Knuckey
  • Scaling up solar: Procurement and construction insights | By SB staff
  • Inventory insight: 7 keys for crafting logistics RFPs | By Clay Perry
  • Wire-less PV planning: Networking tech for large-scale solar | By Gautam Ghose

The Buzz

  • Safety school: Getting comfortable with PV Hazard Control Systems. By Chris Crowell
  • Shady solar: Changing the untrustworthy perception of solar installers. By Chris Crowell
  • GET up to speed with grid-enhancing tech: By Charles W. Thurston


  • Design for install: Grading under-module wire management By Mark Gies
  • Battery storage fire safety code conundrums By Charles W. Thurston
  • Understanding UL 9540 listing and 9540A By Lucas Miller
  • Everything is bigger in Texas, even the renewable energy transition By Dennis Wamsted

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