About Us

Solar Builder started in 2011 as a dual flip-book styled magazine with Wind Builder. Half of the magazine featured the latest solar power construction news in North America, while the other half focused on wind power. Our parent company Benjamin Media had previously published Alternative Power Construction magazine since 2009, highlighting solar and wind construction news along with hydropower, geothermal and  tidal/wave topics. After we determined the majority of our subscribers were involved with solar and wind, Solar Builder/Wind Builder was born.

When the wind power industry lost government support in 2012, projects stopped flowing and we decided to focus our efforts entirely on Solar Builder. Since 2012, Solar Builder has increased its direct-request print subscriptions by 50 percent, has more than 6,100 opt-in subscribers to the bi-weekly e-newsletter, has steadily increasing website traffic and recently launched a mobile app.  With more than five years of renewable energy construction knowledge and expertise, Benjamin Media and Solar Builder are trusted sources for the latest solar news across North America.