OMCO Solar on valuing customer service in today’s solar industry

The power and success of a business is not valued solely on the number of projects or products. How a vendor responds in difficult situations to achieve the end goal of the customer – while still benefitting everyone involved in a project – is the real litmus test of customer service.

As more companies choose to outsource their customer service and technical support, OMCO Solar is committed to continuously delivering quality racking and tracking products at a low installed cost. In addition, our partners know us for our world-class, responsive customer service. We believe that speaking directly with our knowledgeable and experienced team via phone, Zoom or face-to-face achieves the best results. This is evidenced through our multiple successful projects with our valued partners.

For example, we’ve partnered on more than 50 solar projects with California-based Coldwell Solar.

Coldwell is a fully integrated solar developer, owner and operator of utility-scale projects, as well as a design-builder of commercial, industrial, and agricultural PV projects. Coldwell Solar, like OMCO Solar, is dedicated to providing effective, reliable and efficient solar energy solutions and services. Every project poses challenges, but OMCO Solar’s exceptional communication and understanding of the industry enables our partners to deliver projects on time with dramatic savings in construction costs.

Coldwell Solar project manager Steven Chambers stated that OMCO Solar became a true, trusted partner given the fact that  “…our installation’s aggressive timeline necessitated an elevated level of collaboration to meet our deadline.” OMCO Solar worked closely with Coldwell Solar to ensure project success.

“Working with OMCO Solar has become second nature,” Chambers said. “They know exactly what we need and we haven’t had to continually repeat ourselves. Sometimes you work with a vendor over and over again, and it seems like you’re having to teach the wheel every time. With OMCO Solar, we are in synch, and we continue moving forward, bringing clean energy to the communities that need it the most.”

With vast experience in a variety of projects including farms, schools, healthcare facilities, municipalities and transportation infrastructure, OMCO Solar is well versed in the requirements and challenges of each unique project.
Furthermore, our four U.S. manufacturing locations allow us to provide some of the fastest lead times in the industry with reduced freight costs. We work with our customers to provide custom solutions to meet their needs.

OMCO Solar has more than 9 GW of mounting, racking and tracker solutions installed in 30 states, providing elite collaboration, products, and service to every installation to further clean energy development.

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