New Orleans promotes free solar evaluations as part of Solar for All NOLA campaign

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New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is breaking from Louisiana’s poor solar policy grade with a new Solar for All NOLA program. Solar for All NOLA will be led by the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance (GNOHA), which will work with two respected local solar businesses — PosiGen Solar and Solar Alternatives — to provide free solar evaluations to all homeowners and small business owners interested in seeing if clean energy can save them money on their utility bills.

“We are excited to finally bring the Solar For All campaign to our home base of New Orleans,” said Tom Neyhart, PosiGen CEO. “We’ve already launched successful Solar For All programs together with the Mayors of seven Connecticut cities, and feel confident New Orleanians will benefit from it as well. New Orleans has the worst energy poverty in America. Homeowners here desperately need the savings and resiliency benefits rooftop solar provides and we are proud to be able to offer it to them.”

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Through PosiGen, Solar for All NOLA offers 100 percent of solar feasible homeowners a financing solution, with either a no-money-down, no-credit requirement solar lease with energy-efficiency upgrades. Traditional financing is for eligible homeowners and small business owners who wish to purchase their system through Solar Alternatives. The unique accessibility of this campaign brings solar and energy efficiency to homeowners who are left out of traditional programs and who can benefit the most from energy savings.

“Energy costs are a huge burden for homeowners already struggling to pay their bills,” said Andreanecia Morris, Executive Director of GNOHA. “We are excited about this program because it puts homeowners in control of their energy costs.”

Solar for All NOLA has launched a year-long campaign in 2020. Interested customers will be able to contact the PosiGen and Solar Alternative teams directly to sign up for a no-cost solar home or business assessment, or they can utilize GNOHA staff to assist them with this service.

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  • Timothy Ray Simpson
    January 27, 2020 19:22:35

    Without batteries this is bogus. The utility needs owners to have reserve power. There can be storage at substations for any excess generation. There are deserted communities that could be solar and wind farms.

  • David
    February 2, 2020 22:12:59

    Timothy, do you understand how solar works? As long as the systems are sized properly, the systems’ excess power not used by the homeowner will feed back into the grid and the homeowner will be credited appropriately.

    With that said, outside of New Orleans, you are correct, the PSC voted to get rid of crediting solar homeowners for excess power which is a damn shame. Also, I agree, wind and solar farms would be great, but that’s a separate topic which we also need some focus on. Unfortunate how far behind Louísíana is because we don’t understand the issues correctly.