GameChange Racking unveils cost-friendly racking for First Solar Series 4 Modules

GameChange Racking First Solar

GameChange Racking has been driving costs down for awhile now. This week, the company announced that it has achieved an optimized cost of $.089/watt 9 and 10 up landscape systems for First Solar Series 4 modules. These are in addition to the 5 and 6 up landscape solutions previously being marketed by GameChange.

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“Our customers are demanding the most cost effective solutions for their utility scale projects and we have responded with the best value and fastest installing racking for First Solar Series 4 modules in the industry,” said Derick Botha of VP business development at GameChange.

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A study completed on Dec. 15 in North Carolina at an independent demonstration facility for pile driven racking systems revealed that part counts and connection points for the GameChange Max-Span pile racking system are substantially lower than all competitors that were tested. The parts counts were all conducted for 8 span, 2 up in portrait configuration tables, and did not include module hardware. Systems counted were from competitors representing a significant cross section of the designs prevalent today in the racking market in the United States. Part counts for GameChange were 27% to 37% lower than competitors according to the study.


As for the cost-optimized 10 up landscape systems for First Solar Series 4 modules, the fast install features include:

• Single operation top-mount clamp attachment with screw into extruded hole, no nuts needed
• Articulating purlins for easy terrain navigation
• Wire management holes pre-punched in both north-south panel rails and east-west purlin wire management tray
• Pre-panelizing option
• Self-hanging panel rails
• Most cost-effective racking system for thin film panels
• Industry’s best quality, test & certification and bankability
• Post/Beam/Brace assembly has industry’s lowest part count and fastest assembly
• 20 year warranty
• ETL / UL 2703 tested
• Wind tunnel tested by industry leader CPP

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