You can now sell, design whole-home electrification plans in Aurora Solar

Design whole-home electrification plans in Aurora Solar

Solar installers are morphing into home electrification contractors. The business evolution makes sense considering how solar, batteries, EV chargers, and power control systems all relate and interact. Actually selling and designing a coherent “electrified home” system is another matter though. Aurora Solar, the leading platform for solar sales and design, is ready to step in and help. Aurora announced new tools for solar pros to estimate a homeowner’s holistic energy needs and design whole-home electrification plans.

According to Aurora Solar’s 2024 Solar Industry Snapshot, 10 percent of homeowners want to electrify their home before considering solar and 37 percent feel solar panels are more valuable when paired with whole-home electrification.

With unpredictable utility policies and rising electricity prices, Aurora’s new offerings help homeowners create an energy efficient home for years to come with a solar-plus-storage system built for their specific needs.

Aurora’s set of whole home energy management features will be released throughout the summer; comprehensive storage modeling is available today. Learn how to design whole-home electrification plans and schedule a personalized demo here.

Aurora Solar whole-home electrification tools

Whole-home energy optimization Aurora Solar
Whole-home energy optimization
  • Energy optimization: Add any electrical appliance or energy efficiency solution, like heat pumps, duct sealing, or EV charging, to a homeowner’s energy load profile for clean energy proposals
  • Storage retrofit proposals: Design proposals that add additional panels and/or storage to existing PV systems
  • Comprehensive storage modeling: Optimize bill savings and energy independence with storage modeling for backup, self-consumption, or energy arbitrage in Aurora

Based on Aurora Solar’s deep experience in serving the solar community, whole home energy tools plus Sales Mode simplifies buying and selling solar. Benefits include:

  • Differentiate proposals with holistic energy plans to advise homeowners on the best options for their energy needs
  • Design whole-home electrification plans for a more resilient energy future with solar-paired or storage-only options to meet a homeowner’s planned energy needs
  • Build credibility using trustworthy proposals made with Aurora’s Sales Mode
Whole-home energy arbitrage Aurora Solar
Whole-home energy arbitrage

Aurora believes these new tools will be hugely important for U.S. residential solar companies in the years to come as they become trusted energy advisors that offer comprehensive clean energy proposals.

“Aurora Solar is the industry’s leading solar partner, committed to the success of the solar community,” said Patrick Donahue, Chief Product Officer, Aurora Solar. “We understand the unique challenges solar professionals face when it comes to selling solar, as well as the confusion homeowners often have around electrifying their home and going solar. With Aurora’s new whole home energy tools, solar professionals and homeowners can partner to design a holistic clean energy solution, whether that means adding heat pumps, electric vehicles, more storage, or efficiency solutions as homeowners envision their electrified, resilient future home plans.”

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