Citadel Roofing and Solar to start installing LG’s RESU home batteries

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Citadel Roofing & Solar, one of California’s largest and most experienced roofing and solar installers, is going to start installing the LG RESU home battery as part of its residential solar + storage solution. LG Chem is a leader in advanced lithium-ion technologies for home batteries and has sold more than 170,000 RESU units worldwide. This marks Citadel’s debut into the solar battery market and the company anticipates expanding its solar battery backup line in the months to come.

With the addition of the LG RESU home battery to Citadel’s portfolio of product offerings, Citadel’s homebuilder and residential customers now can install a backup power system as part of any solar installation. The compact lithium-ion battery provides stored, backup power in the event of a power outage. It also enables homeowners to shift their energy load to battery-stored power during times of peak demand to reduce utility bills. Battery backup systems are becoming increasingly common with residential solar installations as consumers seek new ways to become energy independent.

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“We anticipate increased demand for backup batteries for California solar systems,” said Aaron Nitzkin, EVP of Solar for Citadel. “With the new California solar mandate every new home will be equipped with solar power starting in January, and we know that consumers will want to take advantage of the energy independence and peace of mind that backup battery power offers. Plus, consumers can save 30% of the price of battery backup systems in federal tax benefits. Adding battery power to solar is a win-win for both homebuilders and homeowners.”

LG’s track record of delivering safe and reliable consumer products was a key deciding factor for Citadel in choosing battery suppliers. The LG RESU home battery, equipped with up to 9.8 kWhs, will provide backup power in the event of a power outage and also supplement solar production to meet the homeowner’s energy needs.

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