Can we interest you in a solar-powered pool cleaner?

What can’t solar energy power? Off the top of your head, you may have said “Um, clean a pool!” but thanks to a now completed Kickstarter campaign, you’d be wrong.

solar pool cleanerThat’s right: Solar Pool Technologies, an Arizona-based technology innovator, successfully reached its ambitious goal of raising $315,000 through Kickstarter for its Solar-Breeze NX (check out the video in that link). The funds will be used to produce a next generation solar powered robot for cleaning swimming pools.

The company met its goal in only half the time expected, with 18 days still remaining for pool owners worldwide to reserve their own Solar-Breeze NX. Fundraising through Kickstarter allows Solar Pool Technologies to pre-sell as many units as possible at the discounted Kickstarter price before the campaign ends on Sept. 12.

The team at Solar Pool Technologies, Inc. was inspired to create the Solar-Breeze NX, to provide an eco-friendly solution to the costly and time consuming problem of pool care.

Solar-Breeze NX moves along the surface of your pool, removing debris, dust and organic material before it can sink to the bottom. It operates all day while the sun is shining and for several hours into the night using power stored in its rechargeable battery. In addition to removing debris, it also distributes sanitizer and filters the water, eliminating much of the work of high energy pool pumps and traditional underwater pool cleaners.


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