4.9-MW Rooftop Array Installed at Kimberly-Clark Distribution Center

Prologis Inc.,Southern California Edison (SCE) and Kimberly-Clark Corp. announced that Kimberly-Clark’s Redlands, Calif., distribution center has received one of the largest single rooftop solar power installations in the country.

Expanding on the 100-kW solar array installed in 2009, the 4.9-MW (DC), or 3.5-MW (AC), solar installation now covers 350,000 square feet of roof space. The renewable energy generated from this rooftop solar array will produce up to 6.6 million kilowatt-hours of clean energy per year, will offset approximately 4,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually, and provide enough electricity to power approximately 925 average Southern California homes a year.

Prologis owns the building, Prologis Park Redlands #5, and managed the construction of the solar facility. The project was designed and financed by SCE, which will own the solar installation and use the power to serve customers in the community. Kimberly-Clark is the building’s sole tenant and receives power from the original 100–kW solar installation.

“Kimberly-Clark’s commitment to sustainability includes finding more ways to promote the use of renewable energy, including utilizing available rooftop space,” said Suhas Apte, vice president, Global Sustainability, Kimberly-Clark.

Built in 2005, Prologis Park Redlands #5 is a 700,000-square foot facility that has been occupied by Kimberly-Clark since 2007. The company uses the distribution center to supply its full line of consumer products — including Kleenex, Huggies, Scott, Depend and Kotex — to retailers around the country.

Throughout California, SCE and Prologis have worked together to bring more than 50 megawatts of solar projects online since 2008.

“Prologis is proud to continue to partner with SCE to install solar power systems throughout Southern California,” said Drew Torbin, vice president of renewable energy at Prologis. “The Redlands Distribution Center solar power system is the latest example of SCE’s and Prologis’ ongoing leadership in this area which has already brought over 50 megawatts of solar projects online.

Rudy Perez, manager of SCE’s Solar PV Program, said “We are happy to partner with Kimberly-Clark and Prologis to provide this neighborhood a solar power plant that will allow SCE to provide its customers with increased use of renewable energy while helping to reduce its cost.”


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