This Sol-Ark, SimpliPhi Power collaboration is a sneaky great solar + storage partnership


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This microgrid project won an Editor’s Choice Award in our Projects of the Year.

SimpliPhi Power is collaborating with Sol-Ark (one of the best, up-and-coming solar + storage inverters on the market) on the latest evolution of its AccESS energy storage and management system. Combining SimpliPhi’s highly efficient energy storage with the Sol-Ark DC transformerless hybrid inverter creates operational efficiencies in size, weight, power and energy capacity that are supported with an interactive user software interface. The AccESS + Sol-Ark unit was unveiled at Solar Power International/Energy Storage International.

“As awareness of the different lithium ion chemistries available in the market has grown, the AccESS has gained popularity worldwide with home and business owners looking for a high performance and safe alternative to the ESS solutions that utilize lithium cobalt-based batteries,” says SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg. “Now with the Sol-Ark, we’re also able to deliver an integrated solution that is more efficient, more powerful, and even simpler to install.”

The AccESS + Sol-Ark unit combines SimpliPhi’s cobalt-free, non-toxic LFP PHI batteries with the Sol-Ark 8K all-in-one inverter and built-in dual integrated charge controllers — all in a NEMA-3R indoor/outdoor-rated cabinet.

“When looking at all-in-one-solution partners, we were drawn to SimpliPhi as a battery manufacturer that takes performance and long term costs as seriously as we do, and because they share our mission to help families be less dependent on the grid in an affordable way,” explains Tom Brennan, engineering manager at Sol-Ark. “The combination of our ability to deliver 96.5 percent efficiency in on-grid and 93 percent in off-grid and time of use scenarios with minimal conversion losses with SimpliPhi’s 98 percent efficiency is unbeatable in the market and promises to do more to create universal energy access and security.”

Currently available with 15.2 or 22.8 kWh of PHI storage, the AccESS can scale up with additional cabinets for more power storage and greater output with the introduction of Sol-Ark’s 12K in Q4 2019. Units can be safely installed indoors or outdoors in temperatures from -4° to 122° F, on- or off-grid. The AccESS can be charged with solar, wind, grid or generator power and comes pre-wired and pre-programmed.

The DC transformerless Sol-Ark 8K hybrid inverter sets records for 48V battery-based inverter efficiency, topping Tesla, Outback, Magnum, Pika and SolarEdge and requiring 5 to 15 percent fewer solar panels and 5 to 20 percent less battery capacity. The Sol-Ark inverter can be AC- or DC-coupled, is Rule 21 compliant and features built-in software for time of use and other utility rate cost savings applications. Just one Sol-Ark delivers an unbeatable 20kW peak surge. Installation is also simpler with a plug-and-play design, saving installers time and money.

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