Standard Solar to build 912 kW project for K-12 school in Decatur, Illinois

Standard Solar CQI Unity school ground mount

A private K-12 Christian school in Decatur, Illinois, is seeking energy sustainability with a 912 kW gound-mount solar array. Project developer Standard Solar and renewable energy consulting firm CQI Associates have partnered with Unity Christian School, a ministry of the Lutheran School Association, to bring solar power to its campus.

The project, developed and installed in collaboration with CQI Associates, Straight Up Solar and Lightwave Solar, marks a significant step toward reducing the school’s carbon footprint while enhancing its energy efficiency. Standard Solar is the project’s long-term owner and operator.

Partners and community members gathered to celebrate the project’s completion and operation on April 23, marking a significant milestone in Unity Christian School’s journey toward sustainability.

“We are proud to partner with CQI and Unity Christian School in this endeavor to reduce the school’s carbon footprint and provide an educational platform for students to learn about renewable energy,” said Harry Benson, director of business development, Standard Solar. “This collaboration directly aligns with our mission to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship.”

The 912 kW, 2,028-panel ground-mount array covers three acres of the 54-acre campus, encompassing the space between the school’s football and baseball fields. The installation was carefully engineered and constructed so it does not impede the use of sports facilities or disrupt activities at the school.

“This project aligns well with our school values of innovation and collaboration,” said Brian Booth, executive leader, Unity Christian School. “We’re proud to be moving forward in a more efficient and sustainable way while also providing valuable hands-on learning experience for our students.”

The project includes a real-time website allowing students to monitor the array’s energy production, fostering an interactive learning experience.

“The project also offers an educational opportunity,” said Ed Keane, facilities manager at Unity Christian School. “Students can delve into solar power, experiencing its benefits firsthand and gaining insights into its workings.”

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