Standard Solar acquires Maryland community solar project from New Columbia

standard solar community projects maryland

Standard Solar has acquired a community solar project in Forestville, Maryland, from New Columbia Solar. Located at the 224-unit Holly Spring Meadows apartment community developed by real estate firm FCP, the project includes an 800 kW carport array and a 921 kW rooftop array.

The carport and rooftop arrays at Holly Spring Meadows will generate a combined 2,120 MWh of clean energy annually. Approximately 50% of the energy produced on-site will be allocated to individuals of low- to moderate-income (LMI) households. This project, along with 24 other projects owned by Standard Solar in the state, will help Maryland achieve its renewable energy goals.

“It means a lot when you acquire a project in your backyard that not only promotes community involvement, fostering a sense of unity, but also brings the benefits of solar power to a broader audience, and that will also help your home state reach its renewable energy goals,” said Mike Streams, chief development officer for Standard Solar. “The Holly Spring Meadows solar project will help offset electricity costs for residents and moves Maryland closer to meeting its goal of generating 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. It also advances the state toward meeting the 14.5% carve-out for solar by 2028.”

Maryland is at the forefront of embracing the value of community solar, demonstrating a significant commitment to renewable energy and empowering its residents.

“This was an extremely challenging project, and I am very proud of New Columbia Solar’s engineering and development team for bringing this difficult project to life,” said Michael Healy, CEO of New Columbia Solar.

The Holly Spring Meadows community solar project stands as a great example of how solar energy can truly make a difference.

“In 2019, FCP began exploring renewable energy solutions that would provide greener homes and improve returns for our investors,” said FCP’s Dara Vaziri. “After two years of extensive due diligence, we partnered with New Columbia Solar for FCP’s first solar deal ever. New Columbia Solar has done a great job building an approximate 1.6 MW system that will power approximately 275 homes annually.”

By allowing individuals to subscribe to a shared solar array, this project enables access to clean and affordable energy for those who may not have the resources or suitable rooftops for installing solar panels. Subscriptions are being managed by Arcadia. Information on subscriptions can be found here.

“Not only does this project leverage the built environment to harness clean solar power, it will also deliver 50% of its output to low-to-moderate income households and affordable housing properties, helping out households for whom energy costs are a significant burden,” said Joel Gamoran, VP and GM of energy services at Arcadia.

The Holly Spring Meadows project is complete and operating. To celebrate its completion, the project’s partners, along with other participants, including director Andrea Crooms, Prince George’s County Government — Department of Environment, came together to commemorate its success and organize a special community event. The occasion featured various activities, including the distribution of back-to-school backpacks and gift cards for energy use.

“This community solar project supports FCP’s robust energy savings strategies and reduces the overall carbon footprint of the community,” said FCP’s Lollie Loflin. “Along with the exciting news on our energy strategies, we are thrilled to send our youngest residents off to school this year with new backpacks stuffed with school supplies.”

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