Sunflare designs lightweight thin-film module for carports


Sunflare is a light, thin, rugged solar and can be installed on existing parking structures. Sunflare modules are lighter than silicon, so they can go where other solar can’t. That means there’s no need for heavy steel replacement, which is required with traditional solar. This also means there’s no dusty structure demolition and removal. The net result is minimal disruption or displacement of tenants, customers, and employees.

The additional benefit of not having to construct a new parking structure is that there’s no potential hassle with new code compliance—which sometimes requires changes to parking lots—an additional project that can be disruptive, time consuming and costly in and of itself.

Difference in materials: Unlike traditional solar panels that are covered in glass, Sunflare modules are more rugged because the Sun2 cells are encapsulated between durable polymer sheets. So often you see mangled car port roofs where high profile trucks misjudge the height and crush the frame. If that happens with silicon panels on the carport, the accident is likely to damage the solar panel as well. With Sunflare, the panel will flex as the roof is bent. The damage is limited to the structure and not the energy system.

In addition, Sunflare modules have bypass diodes at every cell. When trees or other structures shade areas of a parking cover, only the cell that is shaded becomes inactive. The remainder of the panel continues to generate power.

Installation. Sunflare’s mechanical attachments can be added on any structure with no time wasted with racking or cumbersome staging. Sunflare modules do not require chemical adhesion either. That means Sunflare works on any profile of metal or any other material. Wire management is handled with Sunflare’s proprietary composite raceway. The raceways are low profile to eliminate shading and still give enough room to house optimizers.

Sunflare’s modules are UL and IEC certified and have Class A fire-rating. Sunflare modules have the best warranty: 25-year linear production, 25-year workmanship.

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