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LS Energy debuts AiON Energy Storage System for C&I, utility applications

LS Energy Solutions launched its new flagship energy storage product, the all-in-one AiON Energy Storage System (ESS). The AiON-ESS is a flexible, modular AC energy storage solution available in two models for 1-hour and 2- to 4-hour applications. LS Energy says the new design reduces installation labor and onsite civil and electrical work while simplifying the integration process. All components are pre-assembled at the factory.

LS Energy Solutions had the first grid-connected lithium-ion storage system in 2008, and this new all-in-one solution builds off those previous generations.

“The AiON-ESS provides our customers with a factory-produced and integrated product that eliminates the need for complex on-site labor,” said Steve Fludder, CEO of LS Energy Solutions. “The AiON-ESS container includes everything needed for fast and seamless installation, while the different storage configurations can meet a variety of energy needs.”

What’s inside? The AiON-ESS is available in two different scalable versions to meet users’ varied energy storage needs. The AiON-ESS Power Series is for 1-hour applications, and the AiON-ESS Energy Series is for 2- to 4-hour applications. Both models combine the company’s fourth-generation String Inverter System (SIS) with Tier-1 lithium-ion batteries in a modular format that enables configurations for a number of applications. Two models offer flexibility for applications that range from smaller-scale C&I storage systems to multi-hundred-megawatt utility applications.

In addition to its innovative String Inverter System architecture, the AiON-ESS includes LS-ES’s comprehensive Energy Management System (EMS), a software solution that maximizes the benefit of energy storage in supporting all possible operating modes, from basic power quality control for grid interface to fully automated energy management controls.

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