What to see at Intersolar and Energy Storage North America 2024

San Diego Convention Center

Sure, the ball dropping in Times Square is fun, but in solar, the New Year doesn’t really start until Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America. The 2024 edition is taking place January 17-19, 2024, at the San Diego Convention Center.

“With our new experiential activities and resources, 2024 attendees will gain value beyond the exhibit hall and educational sessions—connecting and learning while having a good time,” said Wes Doane, Vice President, Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America.

“With unprecedented growth predicted over the next five years, it’s never been more important to pursue industry information, insights, and connections,” said Wes Doane, Vice President, Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America.

The ISNA/ESNA 2024 has a great lineup of keynote speakers, including Dr. Jesse Jenkins—Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the Andlinger Center for Energy and Environment at Princeton University and a key architect of the Inflation Reduction Act— who will explore the twin challenges of reducing power sector emissions while expanding the United States’ electricity supply.

A keynote lunch for conference attendees hosted by John Zahurancik—President, Americas, at Fluence—will explore the question, “Building a Domestic Supply Chain: Can the US Compete?”

Other standout events include:

  • Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) Microgrid Tour: On Tuesday, January 16, attendees will take a guided tour of San Diego Gas & Electric and Sumitomo Electric’s pioneering VRF battery and microgrid demonstration project—the first of its kind in California. Space is limited; additional registration required.
  • Connection Lounge: Event-goers can utilize ISNA/ESNA’s AI-powered matchmaking tool to find new contacts with related interests and pre-schedule meetings to take place in this dynamic, dedicated space from January 17-19.
  • Block Party Bash: On Thursday, January 18, the Sails Pavilion (located inside the San Diego Convention Center) will transform into a festival featuring games, activities, refreshments, live entertainment, and more. Additional registration required.
  • Solar Games: From January 17-19, the Solar Games will task teams with building residential solar + storage systems live in the ISNA/ESNA expo hall. Judged on installation quality, safety, speed, and more, the winning team will take home $10,000 and the title of Solar Games Champion.

Take a look at the rest of the educational sessions here.

Here at Solar Builder, we’re always most interested in the ISNA/ESNA trade show floor. It can tell you a lot about the year to come, and the year that just happened. What’s new? What’s improved? What brands are still hanging onto the solar coaster and which have fallen off? What’s the outlook on supply and the market in general? We sent out a call to suppliers to see what they’re talking about at ISNA/ESNA 2024. Here’s a peek at what you’ll find. We’ll start with BLUETTI, sponsor of Smart Home Month on Solar Builder. The rest are listed in order by booth number.

BLUETTI showcases latest power solutions at Intersolar | Booth #2813


BLUETTI, a leading player in the energy storage sector, is gearing up to showcase its latest power solutions at Intersolar 2024. As a key player in the portable power station field, BLUETTI is all set to unveil its popular models such as the AC200MAX and the B230 expansion battery. Alongside these, the spotlight will be on the newest additions to the lineup – the AC180T and AC240 portable power stations. In addition, BLUETTI will also feature its residential energy storage systems, including the already-established EP900 ESS and EP800 ESS, alongside an eagerly awaited new model. Learn more about BLUETTI’s solar + storage options here, or in this episode of The Pitch:

Explore tomorrow’s energy today with Pylontech | Booth #739

pylontech intersolar booth

As a dedicated energy storage system provider, Pylontech leverages its advantages in independent research and development of cell and vertical integration of production chain to deliver reliable and safe energy storage system in the long run. Pylontech’s solutions, by virtue of their cutting-edge technologies and reliability, have won the trust of more than 1,000,000 households in more than 80 countries. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits at you at the Pylontech booth:

  • Latest Innovations. Dive into our newest energy solutions, crafted to redefine power utilization.
  • Live Solution Demos. See Pylontech products in action and discover their impressive features with our experts.
  • Expert talks. Gain insights from Pylontech specialists’ presentations on the next wave of clean energy tech.
  • Networking Happy Hour. Mingle over drinks, meet peers, and spark conversations on sustainable energy advancements.

Hoymiles has a variety of smart energy solutions | Booth #1115

Hoymiles inverter

Hoymiles is a global MLPE (Module-Level Power Electronics) solution provider, specializing in microinverters, storage systems and rapid shutdown systems. At RE+ 2023, the company debuted a range of single-phase hybrid inverters, HYS-LV-USG1, to address the increased demand for solar energy and energy storage in the U.S. market. Hoymiles recently announced the launch of its 4-in-1, three-phase microinverter, the HMT-2000-4T-208-NA series for commercial and industrial PV applications across North America. It is present in 140+ countries and regions and is now one of the fastest-growing microinverter manufacturers in the industry. Hoymiles promotes its rugged technology and reliable products, and its distribution and service network that now spans North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Fluke has every tool for the solar pro | Booth #1227

Fluke SMT

Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide—and solar professionals need tools and solutions that help them keep pace. At RE+ 2023, Fluke announced its acquisition of Solmetric, which combined the two most powerful brands in the solar test and measurement space.  At Intersolar, explore how Fluke solar tools are used throughout the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of residential, commercial/industrial, and utility-scale PV panels and how the reliability and safety of renewable energy is critical to energy transition. Learn more here.

SunModo says NanoRack is unlike ‘anything you’ve seen before’ | Booth #1435

Introducing NanoRack

SunModo is introducing NanoRack at Intersolar 2024. There isn’t any rail, but the company says it is unlike any other rail-free system on the market. NanoRack solves the rail-free headaches of precise measuring and complex wire management. Assemble it on the ground, and it aligns itself on the roof. Snap a line at the front edge of the array. No other measuring is required. High-Velocity Hurricane Zone Approved – Passed TAS 100 (a) Wind-Driven Rain Test. All in, NanoRack will allow installers to save money and time on every job. Learn more here.

Snake Tray has an array of innovative cable management products for solar | Booth #1518

Snake Max Grass

Visit Snake Tray to learn how its solar cable management products offer the most cost-effective solutions for utility and commercial grade, battery storage and EV installations. Snake Tray products are designed with labor and material saving features. The Solar Snake Max XL open air, above ground solution offers a multitude of advantages with its easy snap together components, no trenching requirements and no need to derate cables.  Learn how Solar Snake Max XL open architectural design keeps the cables cooler to harvest up to 30-watts hours per meter more energy than trenched or bundles cables.  This solution is ideal for ground mount, battery storage, floating arrays and EV. Snake Tray also offers commercial roof-top hand bendable and pre-fabricated cable trays as well as a series of innovative cable hangers.  Let Snake Tray manage all your cables management needs from the module to the inverters. Snake Tray products are manufactured in the U.S. Learn more here.

CAB Solar shows off Solar Cable Management innovations in San Diego | Booth #1524


The CAB Solar Cable Management System is the above-ground cable management approach for many utility scale projects. At Intersolar 2024, learn how each order supports a truly unique and dedicated mission. CAB’s patented Solar Cable Management System gained favor by utilizing the messenger wire as the EGC and GEC for Integrated Grounding. The CAB multi-carrier hangers are available in a wide range of styles to efficiently separate large bundles of cables. They are designed to be easily and quickly installed on tracker, ballasted, or fixed tilt projects. CAB Solar Cable Management Systems and all CAB Products are manufactured in the U.S. by persons with disabilities at the Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped (CCABH).  www.cabsolar.com

Discover Socomec’s innovative sower solutions | Booth #2247

Socomec Group

Socomec Group was founded in 1922 and has since been at the forefront of electrical component manufacturing. Socomec is an electrical equipment design and manufacturing company that specializes in UL, CSA and IEC low voltage energy performance solutions.  As specialists in the field, Socomec offers innovative equipment for smart building and power grid management. They have a wide range of low-voltage electrical solutions designed and manufactured for solar applications. From power metering and monitoring to power switching and energy storage, Socomec has you covered. Learn more here.

Royalty awaits at QuickBOLT’s booth | Booth #2249

QuickBOLT Throne

QuickBOLT offers a wide range of solar mounts for every roof. Their newest standing seam solution, The Throne, is changing the game for commercial installers nationwide. Installers will love the pre-assembled L-Feet & Set Screws that speed up installation. This mount features a cross-knurled Grip Plate to enhance pull-out resistance and prevent the Set Screws from damaging the roof. Install in under 15 seconds on Asphalt, EPDM or TPO, with the power of BoltSeal technology found in Miami-Dade approved QB2 with Microflashing. Or, for the most versatile mounting experience, ask about the Butyl Bottom Deck Mount. This mount requires only 4 self-tapping screws, maximizing your efficiency on the roof. Screws included are preassembled with EPDM-backed Sealing Washers for superior water protection. The incredible pullout ratings keep your array secure: 843 lbs deck-mounted or 3228 lbs rafter-mounted. Mount anywhere on the roof. Head here for more info: quickbolt.com.

The RT-MINI II from Roof Tech always gets the job done | Booth #3152

Roof Tech AlphaSeal

Roof Tech is coming back to Intersolar this year with its renowned AlphaSeal and rail-less mounting system. Roof Tech is sponsoring the 2024 Solar Games, now three years in a row. Its RT-MINI II mounting bases will be used by all solar installers during the competition. Competing teams are judged on installation quality, safety, speed, and more as they advance through the tournament and Roof Tech’s RT-MINI II is a great product to lead any team to victory. Roof Tech takes pride in engineering solutions that stand the test of time, and its 25+ year field-tested AlphaSeal system exemplifies just that. Be sure to check it out for yourself. All attendees are invited to visit booth #3152 to explore Roof Tech’s products up close and to ask questions from Roof Tech’s knowledgeable team. Learn more here.

Heyco Products Corp. continues to innovate with Short-Flange options | Booth #3436


Heyco Products Corp. has recently introduced a number of PV module clips to remain compatible with leading solar panel manufacturers.  Material reductions in solar panel frames required the development of our Short-Flange SunRunner Clip, Short-Flange 90 Degree SunRunner Clip, as well as our SunRunner 2X2 – all capable of attaching to newer frame depths down to 10mm.  Additionally, Heyco also introduced a No-Flange clip that is compatible with solar panels that have eliminated any sort of edge that traditional PV module clips typically attach to. Learn more here.

Rolls Premium S-Series 12V & 24V LFP Batteries | Booth #3451

Rolls LFP battery

Rolls Battery’s new S-Series 12V & 24V LFP lithium models are an enhanced range of maintenance-free, lightweight flooded and sealed lead-acid alternatives. With fast charge and discharge capability and full operating protections for safety and security, the new S-Series LFP models are fully customized including a built-in display for easy state-of-charge and error indication, heating for cold weather operation, Bluetooth connectivity, unique external fuse access, and allow up to 4x series and 4x parallel connectivity for 48V system configuration, all backed by a 5-year full replacement manufacturer warranty. Learn more here.

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