Trina Solar and Patrick Dempsey Team to Deliver Solar to U.S. Schools

Trina Solar Limited, a leading vertically integrated manufacturer of solar PV products, and actor, race car driver and advocate Patrick Dempsey (as part of Dempsey Racing) today announced a new philanthropic initiative to bring affordable clean energy to communities around the United States. This will involve donating solar modules to local schools, health clinics, and nongovernmental organizations and building the infrastructure to sustain the investment, including a network of supportive local partners, local installers, and system component providers.

The initiative will also include an educational campaign to increase awareness about the reliability, cost-saving features, and positive environmental impact of solar power. The project builds off Mr. Dempsey’s 2011 video, “Plug Me In, Light Me Up,” which showcased how solar can help the environment and improve lives. This year, Mr. Dempsey will continue to raise awareness through live appearances, social and digital media, and other communications tools.

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“Solar power can be a practical solution to the critical issues facing the nation’s population and environment,” said Mr. Dempsey. “Solar is ready today to help local communities, as well as to create jobs and new businesses.”

Driven by a mission to actively promote the benefits of solar power, Trina Solar will work with Mr. Dempsey to create lasting benefits for the local communities.

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“Trina Solar is committed to leading the worldwide transformation to clean energy by bringing clean solar power to everyone,” said Mark Kingsley, Trina Solar’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We are proud to team up with Mr. Dempsey, and a multitude of partners, to bring the many benefits of solar power to institutions and communities in need.”

In 2011, Trina Solar worked in communities across the U.S. and around the globe to provide solar modules to help organizations help others. In the U.S., the company partnered with the Dempsey Racing team to provide a solar panel system to North Carolina’s “Victory Junction,” an organization that provides a summer camp experience to children with chronic illnesses. Additionally, the company outfitted several Habitat for Humanity homes in Texas. Globally, Trina Solar worked with Innovation Africa to install solar power at the Visezi Medical Clinic in Tanzania, and with several organizations to provide modules for various rebuilding efforts in Haiti, which was recently recognized.

Trina Solar’s commitment to the environment is further demonstrated throughout its sustainable manufacturing processes and carbon reduction programs. The company’s manufacturing processes are ISO certified, have been recognized as an industry model, and have resulted in a nearly 60 percent reduction in energy and water usage per unit of solar power produced.

To learn more about Trina Solar’s corporate social responsibility practices, .

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