Toledo Solar, Seaflex partnering on floating photovoltaic system

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U.S.-based PV manufacturer Toledo Solar and Seaflex, a mooring solutions provider, are co-marketing a floating solar system that incorporates their respective technologies.

Floating solar or floating photovoltaic (FPV) could play an important role in meeting the country’s long term solar energy goals because it offers, in some cases, financial and environmental benefits over land-based alternative.

“As part of our expanding market of mooring solutions of Floating Solar parks this addition and collaboration with Toledo Solar is going to be very important and valuable for both parties,” said Lars Brandt, CEO of Seaflex AB. “The use of traditional panels has to be changed in the world market for multiple reasons and the introduction of the Toledo Solar panels is going to be an important part of this process. We are of course going to continue our main focus on our mooring systems but now add the ability to also be able to help our partners get to know and use a new and better technology for the panels that are to be put on the floating platforms”

Water-based solar plants face unique challenges, including deep water, consequential water level variations, waves, and strong winds. When effective mooring and anchoring solutions are coupled with powerful and reliable solar technologies, the results can lower energy production costs, increase safety, and overcome environmental challenges.

Toledo Solar’s frameless, all-glass, thin-film solar modules make them an especially compelling solution for installation on lakes, ponds, and dams. With this new collaborative partnership, Toledo Solar and Seaflex will work together to expand the product’s implementation in water-based solar solutions.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Seaflex. Their work launching Europe’s largest floating solar park was groundbreaking, and we believe it’s just the beginning,” said Aaron Bates, the founder of Toledo Solar Inc. “We look forward to working collaboratively and strategically to enhance solar power capacity and accessibility throughout the world of floating solar.”

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