Sunnova’s solar homes qualify for the ISO New England capacity market

Sunnova residential solar-001

Sunnova Energy International Inc. qualified for the ISO New England Forward Capacity Auction 15 (FCA15), which means its residential solar portfolio can participate in the capacity market in the New England power system. Sunnova’s portfolio of distributed residential solar energy systems in New England is expected to start participating in the capacity market as early as 2021, with complete portfolio participation anticipated for the FCA15 commitment year beginning June 2024.

This relates to FERC Order. 2222. Here’s more info on that if you need it.

“The recent FERC Order No. 2222, which aims to expand distributed energy resource (DER) participation across all power markets, directly aligns with our mission of powering energy independence, particularly during a time when the uncertainty surrounding the reliability of electric grids continues to grow,” said Michael Grasso, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Sunnova. “Our solar + storage service offerings give our customers more control, can protect them from power outages, and now can also participate in helping meet the overall energy needs of New England ratepayers.”

Sunnova, like every big player in the residential solar + storage space right now, is looking to expand its aggregation and management grid services capabilities. Sunnova is partnering with demand-side energy management company CPower Energy Management, to enroll and manage its residential solar portfolio in ISO-NE’s On Peak Hours Resources (OPHR) passive demand response program. CPower’s expertise in optimizing behind-the-meter resource participation in New England’s capacity market will ensure Sunnova maximizes its revenue potential and ROI.

“CPower is honored that Sunnova has chosen to partner with us in this pioneering program,” said John Horton, President and CEO of CPower. “CPower is the largest manager of demand side solar assets in the New England capacity market with an unmatched knowledge of the ISO New England market, and holds an unrivaled record of success as a DER aggregator. We look forward to working with Sunnova and helping them advance their goals in this space.”

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