SonnenBatterie ready to push solar-storage system in U.S., inks partnerships with SolarWorld, PetersenDean

sonnen is really ready to push into and own the U.S. solar-storage market. The European market leader for smart storage systems, announces a partnership with SolarWorld, the largest crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer in the U.S. and PetersenDean, the nation’s largest residential roofing company with more than a million roofs under its belt. This new package brings best-in-class solar-plus-storage technology to the U.S. market and gives people a straightforward access for using renewable energy. Additionally sonnen is working with Spruce, an expert in residential solar and efficiency financing, to develop new financing for energy storage.

Sonnen batteryThe all-in-one storage-plus-solar system uses the sonnenBatterie eco storage system to provide benefits to residential customers, from cost savings through better energy management, to backup power in the event of grid outages and the capability to go off-grid.

“Finding the right partners is the key to creating innovative products and cost-effectively delivering clean energy technology to the market,” said Boris von Bormann, CEO of sonnen Inc. “We are very pleased to have best-in-class partners like SolarWorld, PetersenDean and Spruce, which recognize the immense importance of increasing the availability and adoption of renewable energy in the U.S.”

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sonnen has already partnered with more than 30 local solar installation companies in the U.S. that have the expertise, outstanding customer service and credibility in their territories and is expanding this partner base in 2016 throughout the U.S.

Ardes Johnson, SolarWorld’s U.S. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, remarked, “SolarWorld has selected sonnen as an energy storage partner because of their proven reliability and global record of success and innovation. U.S. residential solar is a growing industry and by offering the capability to store solar power to customers we expect that growth to continue”.

Erin Clark, president of PetersenDean’s fast-growing solar division, said sonnenBatteries fit well within the company’s Solar4America campaign, which taps American products and labor in spreading solar across the nation’s rooftops.

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Another key to truly expanding the residential solar-plus-storage customer market is attractive financing. Spruce, an expert in residential solar and efficiency financing, recently evaluated the sonnenBatterie products and added sonnen to its approved manufacturer list. The two companies are developing financing purely focused on residential electricity storage, and plan to make it available to sonnen’s channel partners in the first quarter of 2016.

“Today, homeowners in Hawaii, Nevada, and other locations can use storage effectively,” said Nat Kreamer, CEO of Spruce. “We are excited to finance the evolution of the electric grid in partnership with an industry leader like sonnen.”

Additionally, sonnen announced the opening of a new office in Los Angeles, increasing its physical presence in the U.S. and proving its strategic meaning in this market. Since its entry into the U.S. market, sonnen has established a research and development facility in Georgia and product manufacturing in California.
sonnen was founded in Germany and started delivering the first generation of its smart storage system sonnenBatterie in 2011. Since then, the company has grown significantly and has established itself as the pioneer of energy storage systems in Europe, having installed about 10,000 storage solutions throughout Europe.

Coupled with a solar-energy system, the sonnenBatterie eco systems can supply residential owners with up to 100 percent of their energy needs, in addition to providing backup power for the home and taking advantage of different tariff structures for off-peak vs. on-peak use. For commercial customers, sonnenBatterie pro helps reduce demand spikes that lead to peak load charges and allows businesses to participate in utility demand response programs throughout the U.S.

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