Sol-Ark rolls out a new product line for true whole home back-up (plus a microinverter)

Sol-Ark already manufacturers some of the most robust hybrid inverters and energy storage technology on the market. At Intersolar, the company launched the start of a new product family while extending its inverter line. The Sol-Ark product family now consists of:

• Hybrid inverters (SA-5K, SA-8K, SA-12K, Limitless SA-15K)
• Micro inverters (M-1000 2-channel and M-2000 4-channel)
• String inverters (various sizes up to 100kW+)
• SmartLoads 14 – load management solution

The Sol-Ark family of hybrid inverters, the SA-5K, SA-8K and SA-12K are workhorses for solar plus energy storage, and the newest model, the Limitless SA-15K has a number of new features, including a 200A main switch.

“The majority of homes in the U.S. have a 200A main distribution panel for their electrical service to enter the home and, when combining solar PV with a powerful inverter and effective load management, all you need is batteries for whole home back-up,” the company states in its release.

The SmartLoads 14 ‘smart panel’ is an AI-driven load management product designed to be used in conjunction with a home’s existing electrical distribution panel. The SmartLoads 14 provides control over fourteen 100A circuits, optimizing electrical consumption according to the homeowner’s needs (and priorities) and also managing the available power to service the home in a grid down situation.

When combined with a solar PV system and the Sol-Ark Limitless SA-15K inverter, the SmartLoads 14 enhances both overall performance and a system’s return on investment while enabling a new level of visibility and control.

With the addition of batteries for back-up, this powerful combined energy storage system would unlock true whole home back-up for an estimated 90,000,000 homes in the U.S. with a 200A main service panel.

Stay tuned for the next piece of this lineup: The HomeGrid. Details will be coming later on in 2022.

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