Seraphim set to mass produce TOPCon solar module series

Seraphim topcon
Seraphim’s TOPCon series of solar PV modules

Seraphim Energy Group Co. is the latest supplier set to mass produce a TOPCon series of solar modules designed to achieve higher efficiency of solar photovoltaic energy conversion. Seraphim’s TOPCon series module adopts 182mm n-type high-efficiency cells can achieve an energy conversion rate of 22.5 percent and a power of 580 W.

In recent years, with the gradual improvement of the conversion rate of PV cells, the conversion rate of the mainstream Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) cells has been close to the theoretical efficiency limit of 24.5 percent of p-type cells. TOPCon components are now expected to lead the next generation of high efficiency crystalline silicon cells.

TOPCon components are enhanced by technologies such as passivation contacts, ultra-fine multi-master grid, high-density packaging, and have superior performance in terms of the power temperature coefficient, light decay resistance and low light performance.

“Due to its superior load and stability, we have extended the TOPCon series of components to 30 years of warranty, well above the prevailing market standard,” said Yang Yong, CEO of Seraphim, adding that the series of components are available in a variety of sizes and can meet different application needs.

“With the expansion of the capacity layout of N-type TOPCon modules, Seraphim will continue to develop and sell PV modules with high conversion efficiency and high quality to meet the demand and explore a better path for the innovative development of the PV industry,” said Polaris Li, President of Seraphim.

It is noted that the TOPCon series of components are now in full production, and it is expected to reach an ongoing capacity of 4 GW of components by the end of 2023, providing enough volume to supply the market.

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