SEDC Solar sourcing CadTel solar modules domestically from Toledo Solar

Toledo Solar CdTePV mosules

Progressive Washington, D.C.-based solar developer SEDC Solar placed an order for U.S.-based Toledo Solar‘s Cadmium Telluride solar panels.

SEDC Solar sought Toledo Solar’s panels because demand is increasing in its region — the solar industry invested $104 million in Washington D.C. in 2021 alone. SEDC Solar is an Opportunity Zone Business, with an initial focus in Washington D.C.’s Wards 8,7, and 4 providing solar and storage to homes, businesses, and churches at no cost. 

SEDC Solar gets its funding from the NetZero Opportunity Zone Fund which allows investors to invest their capital gains in these solar and battery projects and have no capital gains tax to pay. 

“SEDC Solar is a vehicle for people to Do Well and Do Good at the same time. There is a true opportunity to make those that historically have been last in receiving benefits to become first. These benefits include lower utility costs, lower carbon footprint, and an opportunity to provide job training and jobs for local residents at no costs,” said Thomas Jones, manager of SEDC Solar.

Meanwhile, PV module supply chain issues are hindering product availability, which Toledo Solar avoids. Toledo Solar’s Cadmium Telluride solar panels are 100 percent produced in Toledo, Ohio, with a supply chain sourced exclusively from North America. The recyclable thin film solar panels are installed on American homes and businesses throughout the U.S. Toledo Solar is a member of the US-MAC, The Center for a Solar Power Future (SPF 2050 an NSF IUCRC), and The Cadmium Telluride Photovoltaics Consortium.

“We are proud to provide the best American-made solar panel products and installation services available to the D.C. area by partnering with SEDC Solar,” said Aaron Bates, the founder and CEO of Toledo Solar. “We look forward to serving the D.C. market as an extension of SEDC Solar, as they are already making a strong impact providing solar energy to the consumer for free.”

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