WATCH: Savannah Distributing adds 113-kW system to its roof via Hannah Solar

Savannah Distributing partnered with Hannah Solar on a 113 kilowatt (kW) roof-mount system atop their facility this past November, making them the first beverage distributor in the state to “go green” with solar panels.

The installation generates an average of 169,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually from 342 solar panels —producing enough energy to power the equivalent of about 17 homes.

“Solar is great when it comes to the electric bill, but even more significant when environmental aspects are considered,” said Chris Peters, Vice President/COO for Savannah Distributing. “We’re proud that we’ve made the first steps toward a more sustainable future— and there’s still plenty of sunlit roof left for expansion.”

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Hannah Solar is particularly excited about this project because its Founder & CEO, Pete Marte, came from the beer distribution sector. “With a natural connection to this type of business, working with Savannah Distributing has been an especially rewarding process—they’re not only good people, but also industry leaders who are furthering their sustainable business practices with the adoption of solar.

According to Savannah Distributing, many brewers and winemakers have also successfully converted part, if not all, of their electric consumption to solar.

“It’s been great to see the beverage industry on the forefront of solar adoption,” said Grant Tallon, Business Development Manager – Southeast Coast. “Savannah Distributing has become part of a sustainability movement that continues to shine brightly.”

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