Salient Energy says zinc-ion battery close to market after latest breakthroughs

Salient Energy

At RE+ 2023, zinc-ion battery developer Salient Energy says it has made significant technological progress this year, developing solutions to eliminate zinc dendrites and the effects of corrosion while increasing cell level energy density by 150% — a key benchmark to demonstrate cell energy densities.

Salient Energy has also developed a more stable aqueous electrolyte that prevents corrosion and limits electrolyte pH fluctuations, ensuring longer cycle-life and durability of the battery.

The resulting effect of these efforts has improved Salient’s product efficiency and low cost while maintaining the inherent safety and sustainability features of zinc-ion batteries, meeting the market’s need for drop-in replacements to lithium-ion systems.

Basically, commercialization draws near for Salient and the emerging zinc-based battery category overall.

“Energy storage deployment is the biggest factor in the transition to a smart, decarbonized grid, and the world is clamoring for alternative technologies to accelerate this transition. We’ve built an outstanding team here at Salient to develop our high-performing zinc-ion batteries, which are more sustainable, inexpensive, and safer than current lithium platforms,” said Ken Rudisuela, CEO of Salient Energy. “As the stationary energy-storage market continues to develop, this is an opportune time to scale our cutting-edge battery to address the market, and environment’s, needs.”

Salient Energy believes its battery can significantly reduce financial, supply chain, and operational risk for its customers.

Salient’s battery is made up of zinc and manganese; metals that are mined and processed in abundance in North America. Salient Energy’s battery is water-based making it incapable of catching fire. It is designed to maintain the same energy and power as lithium-ion.

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