PV startup Raycatch (backed by BayWa r.e.) debuts automated AI Diagnostic DeepSolar system

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Innovative startup Raycatch, which is backed by global renewable energy developer, service provider and wholesaler BayWa r.e., developed the next-generation of DeepSolar, its AI-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. DeepSolar is a diagnostic system that enables large-scale PV plant owners and operators to optimize solar assets and maximize their return on investment.

“DeepSolar 2.0 is our answer to the challenges PV plant owners and operators face every day. The new developments are based on our extensive expertise in PV software, which has already been implemented in a variety of projects that in total add up to a volume of 1.5 GW,” explains Haggai Hofland, Raycatch CEO and Founder.

DeepSolar 2.0 comprises features that make it possible to successfully identify and break down all components affecting solar plant performance – and group them back together to create an extensive, coherent picture. The software supports solar plant owners by providing them with comprehensive ROI information and data-driven operational insights. In addition, the diagnostic system can identify the sources behind technical issues, outline issue resolutions, evaluate costs and make prioritized recommendations based on plant owners’ respective needs.

“At BayWa r.e., we are excited by the new features of DeepSoar 2.0. It is the perfect addition to our comprehensive O&M portfolio, which currently amounts to a total of 6,100 MW of renewable power,” states Tobias Bittkau, Global Head of Services at BayWa r.e. “AI-based solutions like DeepSolar 2.0 are key to the O&M market, as they make the production of renewable energy easier and more efficient and help drive the energy transition.”

Founded in 2015, Raycatch is an innovative startup that uses cutting-edge AI technology to apply accurate diagnostics to the complex, noisy, high-volume data that characterizes solar projects.

By tapping into existing plant data, Raycatch provides actionable insights that help plant owners and operators extract more energy from their existing installations, reduce operational costs, and benefit from larger profit margins.

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