Peninsula Clean Energy reaches 15-year PPA with Arica Solar

Peninsula Clean Energy

In a significant move toward Peninsula Clean Energy’s goal of offering customers 24/7 renewable electricity, the company has entered into its second 15-year agreement to procure solar and battery storage from a single project.

The PPA reached with Arica Solar includes 100 MW of solar and 50 MW (200 MWh) of four-hour lithium-ion battery storage allowing solar power to be used even without significant sunshine. The project, which will be developed and owned by Clearway Energy Group, is expected to be operational around April 2024. Construction will utilize a project labor agreement with area unions.

This is the second solar-plus-storage PPA Peninsula Clean Energy has reached, following a 15-year deal signed in September with Leeward Renewable Energy which involved 102 MW of solar and 52 MW of battery storage from the Chaparral Solar Facility in Kern County.

The location of the Arica Solar project in Riverside County was carefully chosen with the consultation of environmental activists to avoid harm to area species and habitat.

“This project has the dual benefit of generating emission-free power and in a way that explicitly protects our sensitive wildlife and other habitats,” said City of Millbrae Mayor Ann Schneider, who is a member of Peninsula Clean Energy’s Board of Directors.

“Reaching our goal of providing 24/7 renewable power to our customers is one of the most consequential actions we can take to help our region address a rapidly changing climate,” Peninsula Clean Energy CEO Jan Pepper said. “This project is another means to get there by producing and storing more emission-free solar power that can be used day or night, in the summer and winter.”

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