Palmetto’s Mapdwell now covers solar potential for 81 percent of U.S. population


Remote and online solar sales will continue to grow. Solar tech marketplace Palmetto can now boast that it has mapped the solar potential and energy load profiles of over 107 million rooftops — approximately 75% of all U.S. buildings equating to 81% of the U.S. population — via the proprietary technology of its Mapdwell division. Acquired by Palmetto in April 2021, Mapdwell also licenses this data via application programming interfaces (APIs) to leading utility companies, such as ComEd, Pepco, BGE and others , to further renewable energy initiatives across the country.

“Our deep tech and data capabilities are helping to accelerate the needed shift to clean energy on a societal scale,” stated Chris Kemper, Palmetto Chairman, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer. We featured Palmetto in the “Next Distributed Generation” article in our Fall issue. “The accuracy of Mapdwell’s technology helps educate consumers by providing unique and detailed information on their potential investment in solar energy. That information, coupled with our energy-as-a-service platform, provides an easier, faster and more intuitive way for consumers to adopt clean energy.”

Mapdwell’s technology, incubated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), provides an instant assessment of any building’s rooftop potential for solar energy production and battery storage, as well as a baseline energy load profile. Within minutes, customers can see their estimated cost-benefit analysis to determine whether installing solar panels would be worth their investment as well as calculate an estimate of the number of years it would take to earn back the financial investment. The Mapdwell tool earned Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Award in 2014.

“Mapdwell now covers 81% of the U.S. population in 38 states and Washington D.C., including all current Palmetto service areas,” stated Eduardo Berlin, Executive Vice President of Palmetto and Founder of Mapdwell. “Our goal is to map the solar potential and derive energy load profiles of every building across the U.S.—and we’re on track to accomplish just that in the very near future.”

Palmetto’s proprietary technology, marketplace business model, and consumer mobile application are all designed to simplify and democratize access to clean energy, making it easier and more affordable to make the switch. In addition to its solar calculator, Palmetto offers a team of local solar experts to design and install a solar panel system that matches their needs. Palmetto Protect ensures these customers receive comprehensive, long-term monitoring and robust customer support.

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