OutBack Power debuts latest design to simplify solar-plus-storage installation — SkyBox

Outback Power invertersOutBackPower Technologies debuted new additions to its line of renewable energy products at Solar Power International (SPI) in Las Vegas this year — leading with the new SkyBox True Hybrid Energy System, designed to help solar installers and users meet the challenge of integrating renewable energy generation with storage.

SkyBox is an attempt to make smart solar simple with an advanced technology single-box design.

“SkyBox gives users more value for their renewable energy investment — both up-front through simplified design and installation, and, over the long-term, through the ability to ‘see’ a higher return on that investment through greater control over how they make, store and manage their energy,” explained Drew Zogby, president of Alpha Technologies, OutBack’s parent company.

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For solar professionals, OutBack expects SkyBox to revolutionize the process of designing and installing PV/solar systems with energy storage. “We asked leading solar installers to imagine their ‘wish list’ for the perfect power conversion platform ahead of developing SkyBox,” said Steve Karaffa, senior vice-president/energy & industrial for the Alpha Group. “Based on their input, we re-invented the concept using all-new digital technology to create an all-in-one unit with superior efficiency and features for end-users, while reducing installation time, cost and complexity for installers — and in a compact form-factor engineered for quiet, trouble-free operation.”

Most important, SkyBox provides system designers with unprecedented flexibility—they can literally install now, figure out energy storage later. SkyBox is flexible and intelligent enough to work with current and future energy storage technologies and configurations, and can even be commissioned and operated prior to battery installation.


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