New OutBack battery bridges gap between lead-acid, advanced storage

OutBack Power debuted the EnergyCell Nano-Carbon battery line at this year’s Solar Power International Convention. This exciting new EnergyCell offering advances battery technology to a new category for customers requiring an energy storage solution that’s primary purpose is to accept frequent and partial charges and discharge cycles.

OutBack Energy Cell Nano CarbonThis new advanced technology battery is a game changer. It’s a strong, resilient battery that’s built to be a workhorse”, — said Ray Barbee, Director of North American Sales for OutBack Power. “If you want energy storage specifically designed for the day-to-day abuse many grid-tied and off-grid systems need, this is it.

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EnergyCell Nano-Carbon batteries advance the technological gap between lead-acid and advanced energy storage in several important and unique ways:

  • Nano-Carbon is ideal in applications where a full refresh charge isn’t possible, such as GridZero or support applications, or where limited sun-hours are present.
  • Maintaining battery capacity in a 30-80 percent state of charge can maximize overall cycle life by up to 44 percent versus a traditional VRLA deep cycle battery.
  • Nano-Carbon offers 95 percent round-trip efficiency, allowing for the more efficient charging and discharging needed in today’s technologically advanced energy storage systems.
  • Nano-Carbon offers all the benefits of a VRLA-AGM with safety and maintenance free convenience while providing greater cycle life associated with some advanced chemistry batteries.

The Nano-Carbon has an enhanced negative active material (NAM) formulation which makes it more than just a carbon additive. The high surface area carbon is a specially formulated additive for improving the NAM in lead-acid batteries. Carbon increases conductivity and adds additional capacitance to the battery. Nano-Carbon improves charge efficiency and allows partial state of charge (PSoC) operation with improved deep discharge recovery.

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