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Molex: SolarSpec panel-mount DC connectors

Molex Inc. has further expanded its range of SolarSpec products with the development of pin (male) and socket (female) panel-mount DC connectors. SolarSpec panel-mount DC connectors, with internal locking and touch-proof design for superior safety, feature an innovative nut mechanism for simple assembly to the panel and a durable connection for cable attachment to solar inverters.

Offering exceptional efficiency, the contact resistance of the SolarSpec panel-mount DC connector remains below 0.5 milliohms. The contact can handle as much as 30.0A and accommodates 2.50 mm² and 4.00 to 6.00 mm² (14 AWG and 12 to 10 AWG) cable to meet a wide range of customer requirements. Polarized panel cut-outs help prevent rotation of the connectors and ensure no cross-assembly of male and female connectors on the panel.

Rugged and durable SolarSpec panel-mount DC connectors are IP67-sealed to protect against the ingress of dust and water, and the housing body is resistant to UV and ozone damage. The touch-proof safety design protects installers and maintenance engineers from electrical current even during mating and decoupling operations. The connectors feature exclusive molded surface ribs to allow secure gripping, especially while wearing work gloves.

The NEC 2008 (690.33) and NFPA 70 US code-compliant solution developed by Molex is an innovative interlocking mechanism that prevents accidental and unauthorized decoupling of the connector during service in the field and provides for reliable connection and safe handling. For ease of assembly, a simple nut mechanism on the SolarSpec panel-mount DC connector is tightened using a standard wrench, to secure onto the bulkhead of the inverter panel. For added security, a Molex field service tool is required to disengage the latch when unplugging.

SolarSpec panel-mount DC connectors from Molex are globally compatible with other products in the SolarSpec family. For additional information, please visit www.molex.com/link/solardcconnectors.html.

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