Microinverter supplier Hoymiles opens U.S. hub for sales, technical support


Solar microinverter manufacturer Hoymiles is trending up in the U.S. solar market, this week opening its first U.S. subsidiary. Hoymiles USA will serve as a hub for sales and technical support operations across North America, allowing Hoymiles to offer:

● Faster response times to customer queries and support requests
● Faster delivery times
● Localized support for US customers

The President of Hoymiles Power Electronics Inc. USA, Rocky Gao says the new U.S. subsidiary is expected to play a key role in fulfilling the growing global demand for renewable energy. With the support of its local partners, Hoymiles will be able to provide North American customers with high-quality and reliable solar products and outstanding service.

Hoymiles’ manufacturing capacity is constantly expanding, and is expected to reach 5 million units in 2023. The company is also speeding up the deployment of local warehouses and manufacturing bases in other key markets, so that customers around the world can expect shorter delivery times in the future.

HM-400/800/1500N & NT series microinverters | These microinverters cover a wide range of output powers – from 300 VA to 1,500 VA – making them suitable for both small-capacity residential projects and high-powered commercial projects. They are available with one, two, or four input channels, which allows users to tailor their solar installation to their conditions. 96.7% CEC peak efficiency, 99.8% MPPT efficiency

HMS-500/1000/2000 series single-phase microinverters | These microinverters have an industry-leading 16 A input current and are perfectly designed for high-powered PV modules. The peak output power of these models varies from 300 VA to 2,000 VA, making them suitable for both home and commercial use. Independent MPPT and monitoring allows customers to keep a close eye on their systems’ operational data so they can maximize efficiency.

Thanks to its Sub-1G wireless solution, the HMS series guarantees more stable and long-distance communication with the gateway, which is invaluable in commercial and industrial settings. Comes with one, two, or four input channels. Maximum input voltage of 65 V.

HRSC-1C/2C rapid shutdown devices | These module-level shutdown devices are designed to be connected to one or two modules. In the event of an emergency, an HRSC module will begin a rapid shutdown at the module level of the PV system. This can happen in two ways: by disconnecting the AC power of the transmitter or using an external initiator. This rapid shutdown can make the string PV system safe within 30 seconds.

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