Mana Monitoring added 500 MW of solar energy to its platform in 2020

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Specializing in energy SaaS solutions that aggregate solar PV and renewable energy portfolios, Mana Monitoring equips C&I asset owners with comprehensive monitoring, reporting, off-taker billing and more for multiple energy systems in one centralized dashboard. This was a record year for the company as Mana Monitoring says it surpassed 500 MWs of renewable energy integrated into the Mana Energy Monitoring Platform in 2020. The company also grew load monitoring by 97 GWhs and expanded into seven new U.S. and Latin American regions during the year, further cementing its leadership position in energy asset management solutions for commercial and industrial (C&I), government and utility sectors.

What they’ve learned: “Portfolio-level monitoring and management is quickly becoming a necessity for keeping renewable energy portfolios at peak performance and generating expected returns, and we believe it essential to be deployed anytime new distributed energy resources are developed,” said Zoltan Milaskey, president of Mana Monitoring. “Our experience has shown us that C&I portfolios have a greater need to accommodate battery storage, electric vehicle chargers and sub-meters, which is why our platform uniquely integrates a breadth of data streams to give our customers a more complete picture of all their combined assets.”

In the past year: Mana Monitoring integrated more than 200 new solar PV sites into its aggregator platform alongside building loads, sub-meters and weather stations, accounting for over 165 MWs of new energy capacity managed. Mana Monitoring also entered seven new U.S. and Latin American territories: California, Connecticut, Utah, Oregon, New Mexico, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Notable projects for 2020 include 19 MWs integrated for C&I customers at seven sites in Oregon as well as 4 MWs integrated for 64 C&I sites across the Dominican Republic. Mana Monitoring also continued to serve utility customers in 2020, such as 138 MWs integrated for utility-scale solar PV sites in New Mexico.

Solar and grid edge application data streams sourced from a variety of entities, including Obvius, SMA, SolarGIS, eGauge, Tesla and more, are able to be integrated into one comprehensive view by Mana Monitoring’s unique hardware-agnostic platform solution. By consolidating site portfolios into a single platform, stakeholders like power purchase agreement (PPA) providers, O&M companies and power users realize integration benefits like:

• Portfolio Optimization: visibility to ensure efficient and cost-effective operations.
• Streamlined System Maintenance: real-time notifications prioritized in one central view.
• Ancillary Grid Services Management: command control of distributed assets.
• Reporting & Ticketing: automated production and benchmark reports for efficiency.
• PPA Invoice Generation: convenient batched and automated energy billing capabilities.

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