Lumin focused on utility grid services in new Edge platform rollout

Energy management tech provider Lumin is rolling out a new version of its Lumin Edge residential load control platform this year that will have more grid services capabilities, such as higher resolution, behind-the-meter analytics, and advanced demand-side management tools.

Lumin already offers a variety of home energy control devices, up to a smart electric panel. Last year, Lumin inked a strategic investment from ABB, and announced a major collaboration with Sunnova in January this year. The new analytics and real-time load management capabilities of Lumin Edge enable grid operators to shape demand with better precision. They also help homeowners take advantage of increasingly complex utility rate structures.

“Lumin Edge marks a significant leap forward in our mission to equip utilities with transformative solutions for smarter energy management,” said Kelly Warner, Lumin CEO, noting its retrofit-ready setup, to ease integration into utility programs.

At the end of March, Lumin will ship Lumin Edge units to co-op and investor-owned utilities across the U.S. and Canada, including California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, North Carolina, and British Columbia. Several global original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners will also receive shipments. The company plans to release Lumin Edge to the broader public in the second half of 2024.

At the home, Lumin Edge Controllers can be placed anywhere along the wire from the service panel to the targeted appliance. The Edge Controllers communicate wirelessly with the Edge Hub through a secure mesh network. The installation process can take an electrician “less than 12 minutes per load and 10 minutes for commissioning,” according to the company. Edge enables increased demand response event frequency and duration while employing push notifications and participation opt-outs.

For utilities, Lumin Edge provides utilities with a high-capacity demand-side management resource. The circuit-level responsiveness and insight across the Lumin fleet means utilities can effectively operate enhanced demand response programs and grid-stabilizing virtual power plants (VPPs).

Utilities can then manage the Lumin fleet through Lumin’s software platform or integrate them directly into their distributed energy resource management system (DERMS).

Later this year, Lumin Edge’s universally compatible platform will enable homeowners to integrate electric vehicle (EV) charging and electrical appliances while avoiding a utility service upgrade.

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