Sunnova adds Lumin Smart Panel to Adaptive Home offering

Sunnova Lumin panel

Sunnova is integrating the Lumin Smart Panel and its intelligent energy management platform into the Sunnova Adaptive Home offering. The Lumin Smart Panel will be available to Sunnova’s dealer network starting in Q1 2024. The Lumin Smart Panel will also be installed in Sunnova’s new Adaptive Technology Center (ATC), which is comprised of state-of-the-art energy testing and integration technologies, opening in Q1 2024.

The Sunnova Adaptive Home combines solar power, battery storage, and smart energy management to make clean energy more affordable and resilient. By integrating the Lumin Smart Panel into the Adaptive Home offering and its energy management software into the Sunnova app, Sunnova provides its customers with insight and control over their energy usage.

“Lumin’s smart energy management platform is a well-designed combination of performance, compatibility, and affordability that aligns with Sunnova’s commitment to powering energy independence,” said Michael Grasso, Chief Revenue Officer at Sunnova.

Details on Lumin Smart Panel | While typical home battery systems are limited to backing up only a few circuits, Adaptive Homes powered by Lumin Smart panels provide homeowners access to all circuits through responsive load management, enabling and extending whole-home backup.

The Lumin Smart Panel dynamically manages loads to stay below the customer’s power threshold. It enables longer battery life during a power outage and intelligently responds to user preferences and environmental conditions. Features include setting circuit schedules and limits based on time-of-use rates, net metering policies, and demand charges to optimize energy use and save homeowners money on utility bills.

“Most homeowners investing in solar and storage want access to more than two or three loads during a power outage—they want to control what matters most to them,” said Alex Bazhinov, Founder and President of Lumin. “We’re thrilled to partner with industry leader Sunnova to provide their customers with an intelligent, affordable solution that unlocks whole-home backup, extends battery backup time, and provides the ultimate solution to automate and control energy use in the home.”

The collaboration builds on the growth of Lumin’s recent partnership with ABB. Lumin’s technology is now installed in more than 45 states and territories by a growing network of more than 400 certified installers.

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