JLM Energy is going with Ideal Power for power converters in 750-kW purchase order

JLM Energy Gridz pic

JLM Energy is big into commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage systems for ‘behind the meter’ peak shaving solutions in the California market. The company just announced it will be incorporating Ideal Power Inc‘s 30-kW Stabiliti power conversion technology as part of a $750,000 purchase order.

The latest JLM purchase order is for 25 30-kW dual-port Stabiliti series power conversion systems, to primarily provide ‘behind the meter’ peak shaving solutions to California manufacturing and industrial companies. The units are currently scheduled for delivery in March 2018.

JLM Energy’s primary customers are companies that operate printing, food processing, metal fabrication and finishing, plastic and foil converting and coating businesses where manufacturing equipment and processes often require large surges in electrical power. JLM’s Gridz commercial energy storage systems effectively provide the necessary peak surges without drawing electricity demand from the grid and electric utility, reducing electrical demand charges and utility expenses considerably.

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“The supply partnership with Ideal Power expands fulfillment capacity and improves support of a growing fleet of JLM’s commercial energy management and microgrid systems, including our Gridz and Measurz offerings,” said Bob Montano, vice president of operations for JLM Energy. “We’re a technology-driven, customer focused com-pany, and we’re excited to continue working with Ideal Power to optimize energy use and maximize savings through safe and reliable solutions for our customers.”

“We are thrilled to provide JLM Energy with our latest power conversion technology to enable cost effective, flexible and efficient systems,” said Ideal Power CEO Dan Brdar. “We’re confident that Ideal Power’s UL 1741 SA certified 30 kW Stabiliti series products can help serve JLM’s pipeline of commercial storage projects.”

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