International Trade Commission to take up Suniva case

ITC suniva petition

The first phase in this fairly quick trade protectionist 201 petition process initiated by Suniva is complete — the International Trade Commission has decided to take the case and will be considering it over the next four months. If it decides there was injury, it has two months to suggest a remedy. Following that, the president has two months to figure the appropriate remedy and he has broad discretion as to what direction to take those remedies.

As noted last week, SEIA and the solar industry is not in favor of this petition and is planned to make its case against it. Here is the latest statement from Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), on the ITC’s decision regarding Suniva’s Section 201 filing:

“The International Trade Commission’s decision to consider Suniva’s petition for a lifeline could be bad news for hundreds of thousands of American workers in the solar industry and may jeopardize billions of dollars in investment in communities across the country. Setting high price floors and exorbitant tariffs is a blunt instrument that would cripple one of the brightest spots in America’s economy.

“While we respect the ITC’s decision to evaluate this claim on its merits, SEIA will remain at the forefront of the opposition to Suniva’s requested remedies. We encourage all members of the solar industry to assist the ITC if asked for information and to work with us to ensure your voice is heard. Our goal throughout this proceeding will remain focused on developing more equitable and sustainable ways to boost American solar manufacturing that benefit many companies instead of just a few and allows the entire solar industry to continue to grow in this country.”

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