Indium Corp.: No-Clean Liquid Tabbing Flux

Indium Corp. will feature its family of PV Module Assembly Materials, including their industry-adopted GS-3434 No-Clean Liquid Tabbing Flux, at Solar Power International (SPI).

While most fluxes used in the industry were developed for wave soldering applications, Indium Corp. specifically formulated GS-3434 for PV soldering applications. GS-3434 provides excellent bond strengths on a variety of AgAl metallizations for both tin-lead and lead-free processes. The material’s unique formulation enables its use in both spray and flux bath applications, leaving a minimal, clear residue for no-clean operations. Its quick activation at low temperatures also allows for the use of alternate PV ribbon alloys.

Indium Corp. manufactures and distributes materials for thin-film PVD and module assembly. Module assembly materials include SunTab PV ribbon, liquid tabbing fluxes, low temperature metallization paste, flux-cored wire, and solder preforms. Indium Corporation also manufactures NanoFoil, which provides instant heat energy for bonding applications.

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