EnergyLink retrofitting 46 buildings in Buncombe County as part of two-year solar overhaul

EnergyLink‘s construction team broke ground this week on a two-year large scale municipality solar project in Buncombe County, N.C., and the City of Asheville. The project will overhaul energy usage for 46 public buildings being retrofitted with solar.  In line with the company’s custom design-build-fund capabilities, one of EnergyLink’s construction teams will carry out the work. This is about 6.8 MW of solar when it’s all said and done.

EnergyLink’s Operations Manager, Andrew Halpern, says: “this team will be ramping up over the next few weeks to deliver consistently high-quality product over a long, two-year project.”

This project helps to diversify EnergyLink’s portfolio, and the company is set to have projects from each sector of the Municipal, University, School and Hospital (MUSH) markets on their resume by the end of 2021. CEO Chris Ihler attests, “as a company we are focused on undertaking projects that expand our reach within the industry. We have a proven track record with Commercial & Industrial projects and it’s time now to start supporting the Municipalities, Universities, Schools, and Hospitals in achieving their sustainability goals too.”

Accredited through NAESCO, EnergyLink’s ability to manage construction for this many individual solar projects reaffirms their potential for larger projects. As an ESCO that’s on track to grow 3x this year, EnergyLink’s capabilities are continually expanding.

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