Energy metering, management firm Continental Control Systems acquired by SOCOMEC

wattnode ac energy meter

SOCOMEC an independent, industrial group of based in France acquired Continental Control Systems, a Longmont, Colo.-based manufacturing and engineering firm known for its AC energy measurement meters (WattNode) and current transformers (Accu-CT). The acquisition of CCS fully aligns with SOCOMEC’s goals of expanding further into North America and Canada where CCS’s primary business resides.

SOCOMEC is a leader in the power industry with an entire line of low voltage electrical networks, and its modular energy metering and monitoring products along with their complete energy management systems, compliment and strengthen the CCS WattNode family of energy and power meters and current transformers.

“It is SOCOMEC’s intent to support and expand its US subsidiaries, SOCOMEC and CCS will both prosper greatly from each other’s engineering and manufacturing process,” said Bruno Plisson, Deputy Commercial & Service Director of North America.

SOCOMEC and CCS share many of the same core values and strengths. SOCOMEC’s worldwide presence and CCS’s domestic presence will enable the companies to provide clients with a wider range of products, options and services in both traditional and emerging markets.

“Being part of the SOCOMEC group will allow CCS to invest in engineering and manufacturing in order to support our existing customers and to further support the needs of the energy markets,” said Samuel F.E. Davenport, CEO of Continental Control Systems, LLC. “We are pleased with this opportunity and look forward to leveraging the synergies that the two companies have.”

Founded in 1995, Continental Control Systems specializes in high-quality electric power metering equipment to deliver an enhanced method of measuring energy and power production and consumption. Its WattNode meters are its most notable line of electric power meters that provide a complete package for precise energy and power measurements.

This watt/watt-hour transducer meter is specially designed to be used in demand side management, sub-metering, and energy monitoring applications. Now, measurements can be made within the existing electric service panels to eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming installation of subpanels and the associated wiring.

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