Ecofasten GF-1 with RockIt slide added to Florida’s approved solar product database

Solar installers know that Florida Product Approval means a more efficient permitting process because the strict requirements of the 2020 Florida Building Code provides installers the assurances of safer installations in extreme conditions.

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Early in 2022, Ecofasten, an ESDEC company, obtained Florida Product Approval for any combination of 8” x 12” GF-1 Flashing with ClickFit L-Foot and for any combination of QB-1 Post (4.5” or 6”), Base, and Flashing. And in May, Ecofasten was also awarded Florida Product Approval for any combination of its 8” x 12” GF-1 Flashing with the RockIt Comp Slide and Lag Screw.

GF-1 is Ecofasten’s most versatile solution for attaching solar to composition shingle roofs. Install the flashing using a single fastener. When using the GF-1 flashing grommet and an EcoFasten compression bracket, a watertight seal is created, maintaining the integrity of the roof.

These approvals include the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) under the strict requirements of the 2020 FBC. This extensive evaluation process included testing for resistance to high wind forces (TAS-105) and wind-driven rain (TAS-100A).

EcoFasten’s Florida Product Approval (FL#39871) can be found on its website or by visiting the Florida Building Code’s database of approved products.

For detailed information regarding product-level approval information, read or download Ecofasten’s Florida Product Approval Tech Brief. EcoFasten’s FL39871 Evaluation Report is also available online.

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