Details on LA Solar’s new solar-ready roofing program

As we enter the 2017 energy market, solar integrated roofing will become a very popular option toward virtually any roofing project, as we noted here. Builders are now including solar ready roofing to their construction projects to meet building measures required by the State of California. With trends in solar technology, property owners are now inquiring how they can add solar to roofing work that they need. Nevertheless, the demand to get solar along with a new roof can be expensive.

That is why LA Solar Group created the Empower Program, a flexible and affordable option to get clean energy without any additional cost other than what would be paid for the roofing.

Details on Empower Program for consumer

LA Solar ready roof program

The Empower Program is a special offer to property owners that need to upgrade and improve the condition of their roof. Ideally, the time to install solar is during the construction or repair of a new roof. This allows roofers to honor their roof material warranties while the property owner can be assured that both roofing and solar projects are being completed together rather than a later date. When all warranties are valid and guaranteed, the property owner will have peace of mind for years to come.

Solar ready roofing has become so unified that companies like Tesla and Certainteed have developed new roofing materials such as solar shingles and tiles that capture the sun’s energy. The aesthetic look of these products have become another very important factor introducing a new wave of technology and simplicity in the energy market.

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The Empower Program will be the property’s primary resource of electricity at a lower kw/h rate than the utility company. Utilities have a history of increasing their rates on average 4-5% annually making the cost of energy more expensive. The goal with the program is to sustain energy cost at a fix rate so that property owners can receive more savings from their electrical consumption overtime. Paying the full cost to buy a solar system may not be financially feasible since roofing is a major home improvement that needs to be addressed with urgency.

Details for the roofer

Roofers understand how important solar has become with their business model by offering solar with their roofing services. What’s great about this program is how they can include a solar installation to their roofing estimates at no additional cost. LA Solar Group brings a simple qualification process to the property owner and operational support to the roofer so that they can focus on growing their customer base and business by keeping their crews busy on the job with continuous roofing work.

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