CPS adds 25A fuses to 1500 V solar inverters

CPS 250-275kW String Inverter
CPS 250-275kW String Inverter

As the solar PV industry moves toward larger module power generation capacities and short circuit current ratings, many large PV system DC circuits now require 25A rated fuses.

To meet this need, CPS America is now producing its 100/125kW inverter standard/distributed wire-boxes and 250/275kW V2 inverters with 25A fuses installed. This product improvement/change is now effective for shipments from CPS Pomona operations.

All other CPS inverter wire-boxes that include DC fusing are still shipping with 20A fuses.

ICYMI …. CPS America also received UL certification for its 800Vac Breaker Box, designed for CPS 250/275kW three-phase string inverters, back in September.

The Breaker Box combines the output of up to three CPS 250/275kW inverters, which helps simplify system designs and provide individual protection for each inverter.

What’s more, the Breaker Box means CPS America can supply inverter and eBOS equipment for 1500V applications, which enables advantages for project logistics, shipment, and warranty management.

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