Bodhi Fleet debuts to unify residential solar monitoring, service teams

Bodhi Fleet screenshot

Solar installs are on the rise, which also means challenges of fleet monitoring and maintenance will be on the rise. Today, solar service departments are under-resourced, with limited staffing and disconnected tools, making it difficult to keep pace with the needs and alerts of a continually growing fleet.

Solar customer experience platform Bodhi debuted a fleet monitoring platform this week called (you guessed it) Bodhi Fleet. Fleet will help service departments proactively manage their fleet of PV systems from a unified digital workspace.

“By empowering service managers to proactively manage their fleet of PV systems from a single, reliable interface, we’re making it possible to deliver a customer experience that was previously considered impossible at scale,” said Scott Nguyen, CEO of Bodhi. “With Bodhi Fleet, we’re helping solar installers across the US turn what’s typically been viewed as a cost center in their business into a department equipped to monetize the entire 25+ year customer relationship.”

Fleet also offers proprietary weather adjusted performance alerts that automatically notify service managers when PV systems are performing below expectations for a sustained period of time.

Whereas service departments have had to previously rely on multiple production monitoring systems, each with their own portal and alert settings, Fleet provides a single interface to monitor all deployed PV systems. By streamlining this monitoring process, Fleet empowers service managers to be more efficient and proactive, knowing about issues well before the customer.‍

Some Bodhi Fleet highlights:

  • Fleet integrates with the most widely used inverter-based and stand-alone monitoring systems and provides a single interface to monitor all systems.
  • Prioritize and automate alerts based on the severity and persistence of production issues.
  • Proprietary weather-adjusted algorithms to provide more accurate alerts.
  • An interactive map interface to help deploy trucks and service crews strategically, allowing teams to optimize routes and reduce service costs.

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