BayWa r.e. now distributing Silfab Solar solar modules

BayWay Solar Systems
Silfab modules. Photo credit: BayWa r.e.

Leading U.S. solar distributor BayWa r.e. Solar Systems is adding North American solar module manufacturer Silfab Solar to its roster of high-performance solar modules. BayWa r.e.’s record as a reliable and innovative distributor offers Silfab a differentiated approach to the U.S. distribution channel. Likewise, Silfab’s commitment to delivering a high-quality module produced in North America allows BayWa r.e. to expand its product offering to solar contractors who value that backstory. Here’s the store link.

“Silfab manufactures high-efficiency, monocrystalline PV modules in North America, featuring a strong warranty backed by four decades of proven customer satisfaction and product performance history,” said David Dunlap, VP of Operations at BayWa r.e. Solar Systems LLC. “Our new partnership with Silfab provides our customers with a clearly differentiated choice for guaranteed ‘Made in North America’ modules. We are proud to offer an option to our contractors who need to provide proof of domestic products, such as for government projects, or who choose to offer domestic panels as a differentiated option to their customers.”

“The growing North American solar market has benefited from the superior service of BayWa r.e., and Silfab Solar is excited to be joining their lineup by bringing our ‘Made in North America’ Silfab solar panels to BayWa r.e. locations across the country,” said Ryan Adams, Silfab’s director of business development. “With our four decades of solar experience, industry-leading warranty and high-efficiency modules, we look forward to being a great partner to the accomplished BayWa r.e. team.” 

More on Silfab: Silfab recently launched its new Elite line of solar modules (check out more in our 2021 Solar Module Buyer’s Guide), the highest efficiency, most durable module yet produced by the company. The panels operate at lower temperatures in concert with superior low-light performance, which together increase energy yield by as much as 6% on a kWh/kWp basis. The advanced back-contact technology reduces front-cell metallization, minimizing shading losses while simultaneously alleviating locked-in mechanical stress in the electrical contacts. These features result in improved performance, better long-term reliability, and higher efficiency.

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