At a glance: NEP rapid shutdown product, 800-W microinverter

NEP rapid shutdown

Northern Electric Power Technology Inc. (NEP)’s PVG-4 is an easily installed standalone rapid shutdown product, providing NEC-2017 and NEC-2020 compliance at lower cost and with some added safety features. Cool things to note:

  • You can connect four PV modules to one device to achieve that lowest cost (with three to one and 2 to 1 options on the way).
  • PV level thermal shutdown enables an extra failsafe layer of system-shutdown protection for first responders.
  • Configured DC cables and connectors will match the PV connector brand and lower your AHJ rejection risks.
  • The PVG-4 is set up for two-way communication instead of the standard one-way. This allows for PV data monitoring and data feedback that confirms if the RSD functioned correctly.
  • NEP has a service mode you can switch to in order to perform IV curve tracing. This removes several O&M headaches compared to similar products that will need to be unplugged to perform the same tasks.

BDM800 Microinverter 

800 microinverter

This is the beefed up microinverter for the next-gen modules hitting the market. The 800Wac microinverter can support dual modules up to 500 Wdc (2 x 500Wdc). It is Rule 21 ready with global certifications and supports continuous operating power of 768Wac @ 240Vac. Less clipping for more energy harvest with modern high-power PV panels. Integrated PLC based monitoring. Supports “Net Zero” system configuration where needed. Integrated AC cable for less hassle and easy installation.

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