Agilitas Energy readies third SMART solar plus storage project in Massachusetts


Agilitas Energy is moving forward with a 10 MW solar and energy storage project in the Town of Warren, Massachusetts. This will be the third of its type in the current Massachusetts SMART portfolio, the prior two projects totaling 16 MW of solar and 18 MWh of energy storage, are currently under construction. All Agilitas Energy’s SMART program projects qualify for Community Solar and contribute to Massachusetts’ goal of becoming a national leader in energy storage with a 1,000 MWh by the end of 2025.

Energy storage is the impactful solution to improving grid operations, reducing energy costs, and providing backup power all while benefiting the local economy. When paired with solar arrays, energy storage systems can provide multiple benefits such as shifting solar energy production to fulfill peak demand, and mitigating the otherwise unnecessary substation upgrades often associated with installing solar. Energy storage systems can be configured to dispatch power at any time, which can further stabilize the grid operations and provide additional cost-saving benefits to rate payers.

“Our Warren project showcases the value of solar power when intelligently paired with battery energy storage. The SMART program is proving to be a win-win for all of the Massachusetts stakeholders: local towns, energy consumers and the utilities. In particular, the system can greatly reduce energy costs for those local, small businesses who have the foresight to sign long-term power purchase agreements with us,” said Barrett Bilotta, President of
Agilitas Energy.

Agilitas Energy is currently developing approximately 300 MW of energy projects in Massachusetts, New York, and other markets in the U.S. Northeast through acquisition, origination, and by strategically pairing energy storage with solar arrays. The company plays an integral role in the clean-energy ecosystem on social, economic, and environmental levels. Agilitas strives to deliver renewable energy benefits to the local businesses and residents through the community solar programs, and engage local engineers, surveyors, and site work contractors whenever feasible. Many of its projects also contributed to conserving the land and wildlife, and restoring brownfields in the site areas.

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