Nature’s Generator adds 50 amp 120/240V 12-circuit Transfer Switch

Nature's Generator

Nature’s Generator keeps on innovating. In September 2023, Nature’s Generator introduced a 30-Amp 12-circuit 120/240-Volt transfer switch. The 30-Amp model has a power capacity of 7,500-watts and the new 50-Amp model has an impressive 12,000-watt capacity. In June this year, they sent word of a universal 125 amp Automatic Transfer Switch (24-Space / 48-Circuit) that can be used with Nature’s Generators and most other solar generators.

This week? Nature’s Generator adds a 50-amp 120/240V 12-Circuit Transfer Switch to their extensive line of power transfer switches. These switches, when connected to a home’s power supply and solar-powered battery-backup generator system, enable homeowners to choose when to power the selected circuits from their solar generator system.

“Our transfer switches integrate easily with home load centers,” explains Lawrence Zhou, CEO of Nature’s Generator. “During outages, the manual switch can power a home’s selected circuits keeping families safe by providing power for lighting and important electrical appliances. Additionally, with utilities’ higher peak-use rates, transfer switches empower homeowners to avoid those costs — saving money while saving the planet.”

Nature’s Generator transfer switches

Zhou points out that not every home has the same power needs, but the goal of Nature’s Generator is to have a transfer switch option that’s “just right” for every home.

“Our mission has always been to provide affordable, user-friendly, clean-energy options to aid the conversion to renewable energy,” he says.

Nature’s Generator power transfer switches isolate the generator power from utility power. The switches are code compliant and certified according to ISO/IEC Guide 17067, Conformity Assessment-Fundamentals of Product Certification, System 3, and in accordance with: UL 1008 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 178.1.

Although the transfer switch is prewired and designed for ease of installation, a licensed electrician is recommended and compliance certificate is available for permitting process here.

Importantly, Nature’s Generator Transfer Switches can be used with other battery-backup solar generators and even with fuel-powered generators — however, a gas or propane generator requires the inlet box (included with the 50-Amp model) be installed outdoors for safety from noxious fossil fuel fumes.

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