Meet Energy Hub, SolarEdge’s new approach to home energy backup

Energy Hub solaredge

SolarEdge Technologies launched its new Energy Hub Inverter with Prism Technology this week, which combines its HD-Wave technology with the functionality of StorEdge in order to create a more flexible, simple-to-install home backup system. This builds on the company’s vision for a fully optimized smart home future as the Energy Hub can be seamlessly integrated with SolarEdge’s Smart EV Charger and future smart energy devices.

“By creating a centralized platform that coordinates energy production, storage, and consumption at a local level, we are transforming what is now a fragmented energy environment into a smart energy ecosystem that decreases waste, improves efficiency, reduces bills, all while being more convenient,” stated Lior Handelsman, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy. “This is a critical step in turning houses into smart energy homes and our grid into a smart grid.”

Specs and features

  • When DC coupled with power-stacked batteries and the new backup interface, the Energy Hub Inverter supports up to 200% DC oversizing and can power part of or the entire home, up to 200A, during grid outages.
  • The Energy Hub Inverter has a high weighted efficiency of 99% and when DC coupled with batteries, the combined efficiency reaches 90.8%.
  • The solution also eliminates the requirement for a main panel upgrade or generation panel, even when connected to multiple inverters, batteries, or generators.
  • With built-in metering providing insight into actual energy consumption and production, smart energy upgrades can be easily made to meet consumers’ evolving energy needs.

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  • June 25, 2020 18:14:54

    Nice it’s “released” but the million dollar question is when will it hit suppliers shelves?