Fronius GEN24 inverter launching in U.S. this July

Fronius GEN24 inverter

The Fronius GEN24 — a state-of-the -art string inverter — has won several awards in Europe and is now ready to deploy in the North American market. If you’d like to check out the Fronius GEN24, the Fronius team is hitting the road this month to showcase the benefits, which include higher PV yields (even in the shade), an integrated basic backup power supply function, system design flexibility.

“We are thrilled to kickstart the Fronius GEN24 Roadshow on June 20, educating solar installers across the USA on the new Fronius GEN24 inverter,” said Richard Baldinger, Director of Sales & Marketing Business Unit Solar Energy at Fronius USA.

Fronius GEN24 overview

The Fronius GEN24 inverter is simple to install and connect thanks to 180-degree screws and push-in spring clamps. The connection area also offers enough room for any additional components needed in the future.

Fronius GEN24 inverter

High yields without optimizers

Even with shaded PV modules, the integrated Dynamic Peak Manager ensures that the Fronius GEN24 delivers the highest possible energy yield, while the MPP tracking algorithm eliminates the need for DC optimizers. Not only does this result in lower costs due to fewer system components, but also minimizes the cost of installation and servicing.

SuperFlex design

The Fronius GEN24 adapts to all mounting conditions and locations, whether indoors or outdoors. Thanks to its innovative SuperFlex design, the inverter also delivers flexibility in system planning to help boost yield on complex roofs. The broad input voltage range means the Fronius GEN24 is able to achieve an efficient solar power generation even with different roof orientations.

Active Cooling

Inverter performance is highly temperature-dependent. The Fronius GEN24 is equipped with efficient Active Cooling Technology, which allows the inverters to last longer and deliver in high temperatures. For PV system owners, this means reliable operation, which in turn delivers faster amortization of the PV system.

Integrated backup power

With the addition of PV Point, the Fronius inverter offers an integrated basic backup power supply function as standard. The most important electrical loads in the home (such as a phone charger or WIFI routers) can be supplied with energy via a designated backup power outlet.

The Fronius GEN24 will also be capable of backup power in the future, supplying a house with solar power in case of a grid outage. Fronius, a software upgrade, transforms the Fronius GEN24 into a hybrid inverter, and will soon be available for purchase.

This means that the inverter hardware does not have to be replaced if a battery storage system is added later.

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